First look–The Art of Goosebumps showcases the cover art of Tim Jacobus

Since Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House was first published in 1992, kids have clamored for the series’ 62 books, and tie-in TV shows, films, and other spin-offs.  R.L. Stine’s stories have spooked a decade of kids in the 1990s and a generation since.  Visually all those books had one thing in common:  the stylized brand-defining cover artwork of Tim Jacobus.  Dark imagery, bright colors, shocking monsters, and drippy gore previewed what kids were going to find inside the pages–if they dared.  Now Dynamite Entertainment has created a large format, hardcover book to showcase Jacobus’s art, including sketches and concepts leading up to his famous covers.  Written by Sarah Rodriguez and designed by Mark McNabb, The Art of Goosebumps is now available for pre-order here at Amazon.  Check out our first look inside the book for borg readers, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment:

“This book is a big ‘Thanks!’ to the Goosebumps fans for their never ending support for my art,” said artist Tim Jacobus.  All-in, the series has seen more than 400 million books in print.  The imagery provided by Jacobus established the visual brand for the series, carrying forward to influence all the numerous adaptations and merchandise.  Jacobus, R.L. Stine, writer Sarah Rodriguez, and designer Mark McNabb take readers through the books and covers in The Art of Goosebumps, and fans can see how early pencil sketches evolve.  The publisher promises to include several unused versions, too.  The book will feature 200 pages of artwork.

Here are a few pages you’ll see in large layout pages:

Add The Art of Goosebumps to your comic shop pull list at Elite Comics or your local comics shop, or pre-order now here at Amazon.  It is scheduled for release in May.

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