Jane Goodall cookbook provides recipes good for animals and the entire planet

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Along with plenty of science fiction reviewed here at borg, we’ve covered “science fact” and making the world a better place through natural science and ecology and we love to review new cookbooks that come along, especially if tied to something we’re interested in.  We also love superheroes, and it’s difficult to find a superhero that ranks higher on our list than Jane Goodall, known first and best for her study of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania–now 60-year study–and more recently as a protector and advocate for the planet.  Working with her Jane Goodall Institute she’s released a new environmentally friendly cookbook #EATMEATLESS: Good for Animals, The Earth & All We tried one of the recipes, and you can check out a few for yourself in the below preview of this new cookbook.

The planet-friendly recipes in the books are inspired by Dr. Goodall, in part aimed to provide readers with a user-friendly call-to-action to improve human and environmental health and improve wellbeing for other animals alike.  The recipes also invite amateur chefs to try new flavors and experiment with new ways to create dishes.  You may find you switch to some of these versions of dishes from your own recipes.

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From the publisher: “Every day, slowly but surely, we the people are helping to change the world.”  For the health of humankind, the environment, and the animals that inhabit it, the Jane Goodall Institute presents this collection of recipes to illustrate the how and why of plant-based eating. Crafted especially for curious consumers looking to incorporate healthier dietary practices, those interested in environmental sustainability and animal welfare, and for fans of Jane Goodall’s work, this collection of 80 vegan, accessible recipes gives home cooks the tools they need to take charge of their diet and take advantage of their own ability to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Along with colorful food photography, quotes from Dr. Goodall interspersed throughout transform this plant-based staple into an inspiring guide to reclaiming our broken food system: for the environment, for the animals, and for ourselves.”

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We tried the Cauliflower-Pumpkin Seed Tacos recipe.  The base meat replacement came as a surprise, a tasty mix of cauliflower, shelled pumpkin seeds, and tomato with a blend of seasonings that I could see using as a base to replace meat in a variety of dishes (see photo above, pre-seasoning).  It’s also better than most commercial meat replacement products I’ve tried.  As with any cookbook, practice and experimentation is key to selecting recipes that stay with you forever.  The result here was similar to any street taco, corn tortilla with a drizzle of tomato and avocado rounded out the umami for a great bite.  Unlike some vegetarian dishes I’ve tried, it was also filling.  Most importantly, as Dr. Goodall asserts, these recipes are better for animals and the environment.

Take a look inside #EATMEATLESS: Good for Animals, The Earth & All:

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Order your copy of #EATMEATLESS: Good for Animals, The Earth & All, now here at Amazon.

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