The Invincible Red Sonja–Series features Moritat art, as Hannah John-Kamen takes starring role in new film


Review by C.J. Bunce

Is this the year of Red Sonja?  Her 50th anniversary arrives in 2023, but we’re already off to a great start.  We thought we had something big with January’s launch of Sonjaversal from Dynamite Comics.  Just as Hannah John-Kamen (who we love, love, love, love, love)–star of hit franchise films including Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Tomb Raider–has now been tapped to take on the role of the She-Devil with a Sword in a Red Sonja reboot movie, comic shops will get you another big Red Sonja fix this week with the premiere of The Invincible Red Sonja.  The series reunites All Star Western‘s Jimmy Palmiotti, co-writing the series with wife/partner Amanda Conner, and artist Moritat.  The variant cover options are worthy of this big series debut, including artwork by Frank Cho and several others.  It’s wall to wall action, with pirates, mermaids, princesses, and intrigue.

Check out a preview for borg readers, courtesy of Dynamite Comics, of the first issue of The Invincible Red Sonja below, along with 48 cover options.

Sex and violence.  Blood spatter.  Red Sonja getting vengeance with her lethal sword.  It’s good barbarian genre fantasy fun.

Moritat’s artwork is classic fantasy, with soldiers reminiscent of Dragon’s Lair— the 1980s video game with artwork by Don Bluth.  Palmiotti and Conner put together a big, sweeping start for the series.

Here is a preview of Issue #1 of The Invincible Red Sonja:

InvincibleRS-01-Int 1 copyInvincibleRS-01-Int 2 copyInvincibleRS-01-Int 3 copyInvincibleRS-01-Int 4 copyInvincibleRS-01-Int 5 copy

And here are 48 cover options that await comic book readers in The Invincible Red Sonja:

TIRS-01-01031-C-CelinaTIRS-01-01171-CelineVirgTIRS-01-01221-FOC25-CELINA-BW-VIRG-INCTIRS-01-01021-B-LinsnerTIRS-01-01011-A-ConnerTIRS-01-01xxx-Retailer-GemMintTIRS-01-01xxx-Retailer-GemMint-BWTIRS-01-01xxx-Retailer-GemMint-VirgTIRS-01-01091-Incen20-ChoVirgTIRS-01-01041-D-ChoTIRS-01-01141-AtlasTIRS-01-01151-ConnerVirgTIRS-01-01121-Incen40-ConnerBWVirgTIRS-01-01081-Incen15-ConnerBWTIRS-01-01351-Retailer-Tyndall-DressTIRS-01-01361-Retailer-Tyndall-VirgTIRS-01-01371-Retailer-Tyndall-RedTIRS-01-01161-LinsnerVirgTIRS-01-01101-Incen25-LinsnerBWTIRS-01-01131-Incen50-LinsnerBWVirgTIRS-01-01391-Retailer-ComicsEliteTIRS-01-01381-Retailer-ComicsEliteTIRS-01-01341-Retailer-ParalelTIRS-01-01331-Retailer-MetahumansTIRS-01-01321-Retailer-UnknownTIRS-01-01311-Retailer-UnknownTIRS-01-01301-Retailer-BlackFlag-WaterTIRS-01-01291-Retailer-BlackFlag-FireTIRS-01-01281-Retailer-BlackFlag-RockTIRS-01-01271-Retailer-ComicExposureTIRS-01-01261-Retailer-ComicExposureTIRS-01-01271-Retailer-ComicExposureTIRS-01-01261-Retailer-ComicExposureTIRS-01-01251-Retailer-EastSideTIRS-01-01241-Retailer-616TIRS-01-01231-Retailer-MutantTIRS-01-01211-FOC21-MORITAT-VIRGTIRS-01-01191-FOC7-MORITAT-BWTIRS-01-01181-PremiumFOC-MORITATTIRS-01-01111-Incen30-CohenVirgTIRS-01-01071-incen10-CohenTIRS-01-01051-E-CosplayTIRS-01-01201-FOC 11 DOMINICA COSPLAY VIRGTIRS-01-01061-F-Authentix

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