Rudow Can’t Fail–Arnett and Schamberger deliver a new sci-fi noir colonization world

Review by C.J. Bunce

Fans of sci-fi noir have another world to dive into.  It’s Jason Arnett and Rob Schamberger’s The Wave, a future world of colonization in the realm of Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, and Total Recall.  The first novella of The Wave is Rudow Can’t Fail (available now here at Amazon), following a few days in the life of Mars colonist William Rudow, a “fixit” who falls for the wrong dame, the wife of a wealthy corporate executive.

The authors build the world similarly to mid-career Philip K. Dick in his many short stories.  This has the same vintage pulp sci-fi feel, updated with dialogue consistent with recent 21st century visionaries like Michael Mammay.  Rudow is not of that dark and brooding school of protagonist.  Instead he’s wide-eyed and just stumbles upon the wrong people by way of his utilities job.

If more stories from The Wave are to come, it’s easy to see plenty of room for Rudow’s exploits exploring more of the science fiction tropes.  The sex and technology are similar to that of Richard K. Morgan’s series, and the noir close to Max Allan Collins’ first Nolan stories.

Schamberger, known best as a WWE artist, provided the classic pulp style cover art for the book.

It’s good world building and a smart update to Philip K. Dick short story stylings.  Check out Rudow Can’t Fail now available here at Amazon.

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