First look–New James Bond series coming this summer


Dynamite has announced its next James Bond comic book series.  Promising more focus on 007’s spycraft, the monthly series Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 will be coming to comic shops this summer.  This time writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson partners with artist Marco Finnegan to adapt the latest tie-in for the long-running British spy franchise.  Bond finds himself outplayed on a Russian excursion, forced to eliminate an asset he was meant to extract.  A shootout with his enemy counterparts leaves Bond with more questions than answers… questions about their American accents, their cutting-edge technology, and most importantly, how they seem to know so much about him.

Check out some covers and interior art below, courtesy of Dynamite.


Abandoned by his superiors, facing suspension at MI6, and questioning his waning sense of duty, 007 gets an urgent message from former 00 agent Gwendolyn Gann, a mentor and old flame from his earliest days.  Gann’s gotten back in the spy game, and needs Bond’s help… but will Bond make it on time?  And what are her ties to the mysterious new player known only as Myrmidon?

“Contributing to the generations-long saga of James Bond is a great honor and a ton of fun,” said Johnson.  “Marco and I are going to give readers all the things that make them love Bond—the action and physicality, the tech, the sense of style, the inherent coolness in Bond’s every word and action—but we’re also bringing some things they haven’t seen before.”


Tommy Lee Edwards, Marc Aspinall, Soo Lee, and returning 007 artist Marc Laming will be providing variant covers for the series.

Add the new series 007 to your comic shop pull list now, at Elite Comics or your local comic shop.  It’s scheduled for release in August.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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