John Carter of Mars–111-year-old sci-fi fantasy classic is updated into a fun new adventure series


Review by C.J. Bunce

Who knew Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars could feel like a blend of Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Quantum Leap, and the Skrulls and Black Order of Marvel Comics?  Dynamite’s new comic books series John Carter of Mars is, of course, very different from the 1911 original and subsequent novels, but this modern update is all high adventure, all fun.  Gone is the painted artwork of past graphic adaptations–this is clearly an effort to make the 111-year-old Civil War veteran accessible.  It works.  And where John Carter goes, Dejah Thoris is soon to follow.


It’s 1919.  A powerful, supernatural asteroid approaches, flipping the people of Earth to Mars, and Mars to Earth.  John Carter is torn from his Virginia life, powerless and confused, suddenly in battle with creatures from Mars in his own backyard.  Can he find his wife Dejah Thoris and his son, and help another soldier find his missing wife?  And save the world from all sorts of Flash Gordon-era threats, too?


Cover artists for the series (at least five issues in the works) include Kambadais, Junggeun Yoon, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jonathan Case, Dave Acosta, plus blank and cosplay covers.


Eisner Award-winning writer Chuck Brown (Aquaman) adapts the original character with artist George Kambadais (Firefly) putting his signature on the past of both worlds, creating some exciting new aliens.


We’ve lost track of all the John Carter and Dejah Thoris series over the years, but this is proof the characters can adapt to the times.  Fun for all ages, add John Carter of Mars to your comic shop pull list at Elite Comics or your local store.  It’s published monthly by Dynamite.

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