Parks and Recreation–Action figures you didn’t know you needed, and yes, that includes Ron Swanson

Sometimes somebody somewhere creates one of those iconic collectibles, one of those objects that jumps right off the screen.  The latest is from Super7´s latest line of ReAction figures, those classic Kenner style figures that made George Lucas a marketing sensation, complete with five points of articulation, a retro-style card back and bubble packaging, and maybe even an accessory or two.  The subject is the hilarious megahit comedy Parks and Recreation, and although the first wave (of hopefully at least two waves) is missing Rashida Jones’ sweet and loyal Ann Perkins, Aziz Ansari’s always wheelin’ and dealin’ Tom Haverford, Jim O’Heir’s ever-amiable office target Jerry Gergich, and Rob Lowe’s tightly-wound boss Chris Traeger, they really got Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson just right.

Just announced, the entire first wave is available here at Entertainment Earth, where you can pre-order one or all.

Put him in your original landspeeder.  Stand him up at the cantina next to Walrus Man, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett.  Need a gift for the next office party?  This is it.  Need something for the brother-in-law for Christmas?  This is it.  Of course he comes with a plate of bacon and eggs.

And actually the entire first wave looks great.

There’s Amy Poehler’s ambitious Leslie Knope, who comes with a plate of waffles:

That’s Poehler’s second action figure after her Saturday Night Live set.

There’s Aubrey Plaza’s smarter than you take her for April Ludgate, with Champion the dog:

There’s Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer in his FBI agent Burt Macklin disguise:

Or Retta’s no-holds-barred realty mogul Donna Meagle, with a box of donuts:

And complete with his homegrown board game “The Cones of Dunshire” as his accessory, is Adam Scott’s Ben Wyatt:

Maybe a Lil’ Sebastian figure will be next?

So when do we get action figures from Community and Psych?

As the cardback says, you can catch up with all seven laugh-out-loud seasons of Parks and Recreation now streaming on Peacock.  Look for the action figures to ship in October.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg



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