Star Trek picture books target a next generation of young fans-to-be


For more than 55 years, Star Trek has inspired the imaginations of TV and movie audiences across the planet.  Often the franchise has sparked the next great writer, sometimes the next doctor, and another time scientists, engineers, and astronauts.  It even got its leading star into outer space himself.  What else and who else can it inspire?  Aimed at the youngest of potential audiences, two children’s “board books” may be a way for fans to get their own kids interested in their favorite franchise.  One provides the basics of color and for a slightly older audience the other lays the groundwork in science.

In Star Trek: My First Book of Colors, parents can help little tykes learn not just colors but fabrics like lamé.  Space stations are shiny silver, and of course Federation officers wear trademark Star Trek red, gold, and blue.

Star Trek: My First Book of Space is for slightly older kids.  Here they can explore strange new worlds (which aren’t so strange to adults who paid attention in school) and see the universe through a Starfleet Academy telescope.  Here they’ll encounter
not just science but fictional concepts, like the make-believe ships of Star Trek, including the EnterpriseVoyager, and Deep Space Nine.  Parents can explain the differences between reality in fiction as the ships are paired with actual photographs of an asteroid, the planets, Pluto, the Sun, a nebula, and more.

Both books include subtle and not-so-subtle Easter eggs, too–those callbacks to the various shows only fans can likely point out to you.

For the youngest of the younger set in your world, check out Star Trek: My First Book of Colors available now here at Amazon and Star Trek: My First Book of Space, available here.  Both are from publisher Smart Pop Books.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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