Happy Thanksgiving! A classic Thanksgiving movie and a borg Thanksgiving tradition

We hope this note finds you well!  Every year at borg we feature a certain Thanksgiving tradition.  First this year we want to thank readers old and new, especially for a decade of your comments on a certain feature that always returns to be the #1 trending topic each year: Revisiting a classic scene from Miracle on 34th Street found here.  Many see the 1947 film as a Christmas movie, but it’s also the definitive Thanksgiving movie, chronicling an event many families have begun their Thanksgiving days with for nearly a century now–yes, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was in 1924.  Since the advent of television, even more participate–from their homes across the world–as hundreds of millions of families watch the annual television coverage of the event (streaming this year on Peacock).  But the parade doesn’t match the magic captured in writer-director George Seaton’s film, especially in that magical scene we looked at in detail here a decade ago.  Check it out and see if you agree.

So it’s time to pull the TV dinner out of the oven.  Get some butter on those peas.  Or put on some corn casserole, make some rolls, get out the pea salad recipe.  Decide whether you really want green bean casserole this year.  See if the dressing finally tastes right this year.  Any day is a good day for mashed potatoes.  And there’s that other annual tradition.

Yes, it is time again for your annual viewing of the best Thanksgiving episode that ever graced the small screen.  Eleven years running and you didn’t think we’d forget our annual throwback, right?  Finish this phrase: “As God is my witness, I thought…”

Then watch and enjoy our traditional viewing of the greatest Thanksgiving episode of TV ever.

(note: no actual turkeys were harmed in the making of the show):

(YouTube versions change a lot, so feel free to look around for a better version, unless it’s already carried by one of your streaming providers)

WKRP Nessman reporting Thanksgiving stunt

Watch it between your seconds and thirds of tofurkey, this epic roasted cabbage, or whatever you have.

And don’t forget the gravy.

And PIE, then check out other Thanksgiving blasts from the past here.

And don’t forget the cranberries.

Stay safe–COVID numbers are up and people are still getting gravely ill.  So mask up, especially around seniors and those with serious medical issues.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The BORG Staff

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