Wonderwell–Carrie Fisher’s final film arrives in indie fantasy

With a poorly executed swan song trilogy appearance and the now evidently required prequel version of her most famous character already in the books, it’s a nice surprise to see the real Carrie Fisher one more time in what looks like a very sweet performance.  Fisher’s actual final role was in the coming of age fantasy Wonderwell, and the trailer–and film–is finally upon us.  What appears very much like a Secret Garden meets Alice in Wonderland movie, Wonderwell wrapped principal filming in 2017, but visual effects delayed its release.  Fisher looks like she really leaned into the role of Hazel, a witch in a fantastical world.

We have some of Hollywood’s greats’ final film roles that were scorned by some and beloved by many more, like Bette Davis in Watcher in the Woods, Audrey Hepburn in Always, and Maureen O’Hara in Only the Lonely.  Maybe Wonderwell will be another.

Check out the trailer for Wonderwell:

The movie co-stars Rita Ora, Nell Tiger Free, and Kiera Milward.

Wonderwell is available on streaming services like Prime Video here now.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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