1980s ROBOTECH anime TV series arrives as new comic book series

ROBOTECH is back.  We discussed an earlier Titan Comics comic book series six years ago here at borg as well as a line of action figures, but the next iteration of the popular animated 1980s TV series returns to comic shops this week.  The 1980s anime series, now streaming on Crunchyroll, is known for introducing many American viewers to the world of anime for the first time.  The next comic book series will be a limited four-issue story focusing on one of the show’s stars, with several variant covers.  ROBOTECH: Rick Hunter finds Hunter now as a Major General, promoted after saving the Earth against the Zendaeti.  Will he save the world again?

Here’s a preview of the first issue and a look at the cover options:

The series looks back on elements throughout past ROBOTECH stories.  Originally a Revell model kit line, ROBOTECH is best known for its 85-episode sci-fi anime cartoon series that began airing in the States in 1985.  Expect to revisit the world of ROBOTECH with several familiar characters.

Brandon Easton is the series writer, and artist Simone Ragazzoni along with colorist Bryan Valenza have created some visuals that will bring fans back to the show.  Check out a preview of Issue #1 below.  Issue #1 features alternate covers from Ragazzoni, Inhyuk Lee, Derrick Chew, Josh Burcham, and Nahuel Grego, along with a sketch cover and alternate styles of these artist’s renderings.

Here’s a trailer for the new comic book series:

Add ROBOTECH: Rick Hunter to your pull list at Elite Comics or your local comic shop now.  The first issue is available this week.

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