Topps celebrates American icon Bob Ross in baseball card set–available today only

The world is, and has always been, full of different kinds of artists.  Some are artists for a living, some create for practical purposes, others create for aesthetics.  Some artists are good, some are bad, some in between.  But quality doesn’t define an artist.  Art is defined by the act.  Some who think they are great artists may dismiss those they think aren’t.  Was Bob Ross a great artist?  Bob Ross is one of America’s greatest artists in the same way Mozart was one of the world’s greatest composers and Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers.  The span of their… let’s call it fandom… reached widely across the population.  You must acknowledge Bob Ross’s popularity as we acknowledge others who use form of art to do great things beyond the obvious, like Mr. Rogers, Charles Schulz, Jim Henson, and John Denver.

They all used their talents to do good, but most of all to spread joy.  You might point out a better American artist, but you probably can’t point to anyone who has used his art to touch more people.  So it’s practically epic to see Topps issuing a series of trading cards featuring Bob Ross’s art from his popular show The Joy of Painting.  But you must act fast as 2023 Topps x Bob Ross: The Joy of Baseball is available today at noon Eastern time and it will only be available as supplies last.

Topps, Major League Baseball, and the Bob Ross estate have teamed up to create a unique set of cards with its new The Joy of Baseball. This collection showcases baseball players, past and present, each silhouetted in front of Bob Ross’s landscape artworks.  It’s a win-win, as American a team-up as hotdogs and apple pie.

Other features according to Topps today:

• Find 2 Autographs per Collectors Edition Box & Autographs in 1:4 “Happy Little Boxes”
• Find 1 Numbered Parallel or Short Print per pack
• Be on the lookout for the elusive Bob Ross Flagship Super Short Print
• The box boasts an Exclusive Paintbrush Pen

He was the Guru of Gesso, the Savant of Soothe.  Log into the Topps website at and get your own set of Topps x Bob Ross: The Joy of Baseball at noon Eastern today, or miss this opportunity for such a unique mash-up of Americana.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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