Camilla d’Errico releases pop manga fantasy coloring book

Vancouver-based artist Camilla d’Errico is bringing her trademark pop realism style to another project.  Known for her painted comic book art, designs, and commercial projects for Disney, Dark Horse, Image, Hot Topic, Hasbro, and more, her next project makes our list of recommended gift ideas for fans of manga art.  It’s categorized as an “adult” coloring book, but it’s sure to appeal to kids of all ages.  You’re probably going to want to add some actual glitter–the Pop Manga Beauties and Beasties Cooking Book, is now available here at Amazon.

We have a look the inside the book for borg readers, courtesy of the publisher.

With your own crayons or markers, you can bring to life eighty of d’Errico’s black and white sketches of manga-inspired characters, including all kinds of animal creations, from a tree buffalo to a fire-breathing corgi, a seahorse, a bat-winged septapus, and a furry baby griffin.  Kids of-a-certain-age will find the designs reminiscent of the Serendipity book series from the 1970s by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James.

Here are four pages from the book:

Great for your favorite fantasy kid at heart, the Pop Manga Beauties and Beasties Cooking Book is now available here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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