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A galaxy of ships is getting even bigger.  Hero Collector’s famous collection of model ships of the Star Trek line continues with the launch of three new ships from Star Trek: Discovery.  The U.S.S. Discovery-A (Refit), Section 31 Deimos-Class and Cleveland Booker’s ship will ready fans for the show’s fourth season now getting underway.  These ships continue to fill in the giant Star Trek: Universe collection, which most recently showcased starships from Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard. 

Take a look at some high-quality images of these new releases below, now available for preorder here direct from Hero Collector and available soon here at Amazon:

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It’s the ultimate subscription box… or cube.  Only it’s a one-shot purchase that will give Star Trek fans something to look forward to for 24 days.  And it may just give your postal carrier a hernia.  It’s a hefty, giant reproduction of The Borg Cube in the first ever Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar, new this year from Hero Collector.  Collectors of Star Trek character pins will especially want to ask Santa for this prize, but it features enough variety that there is sure to be something to share with a house full of Trek fans.  It’s a box that reminds us of the old Firefly subscription crates–with similar variety and quality–a few big items and several smaller items.

The big wins include a first warp flight-inspired espresso mug for your raktajino, original series-era bridge screen-inspired coasters, and some NextGen socks, but that’s all we’re saying (OK, just a bit more below).  Act fast to get it soon: Pre-order here direct from Hero Collector, offered at a discount from SRP as of today’s date.  We didn’t find this available anywhere else.

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The online toy and collectible superstore Entertainment Earth gave us a heads-up on a one-day only sale today on select starships from the official Star Trek starship display model collection.  The collection is a line of detailed ships from the various Star Trek series and movies produced by licensee Eaglemoss, with dozens of ships both famous and obscure set to be released in the series.

We’ve previewed three of the eight ships in the line that are on sale today:  the sphere ship used by The Borg in Star Trek: First Contact, the Ferengi Marauder, and the Cardassian Galor class vessel.  The Sphere was created by Star Trek concept artist John Eaves.  Designed by Star Trek senior illustrator Andrew Probert, the Marauder first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The Cardassian ship was designed by Star Trek illustrator Rick Sternbach, and popular in episodes of Deep Space Nine.  We’ve seen detail of one of the real studio models of the Marauder and think this sturdy, die-cast metal and plastic hand-painted model is a great replica at an affordable price for Trek fans.

Star Trek NCC-1701 Enterprise 2009 SDCC Die-Cast Vehicle   Star Trek Starships Tholian Starship with Collector Magazine   Star Trek Starships Romulan Bird Prey Vehicle with Magazine

Star Trek Starships Ferengi Marauder Vehicle with Magazine   Star Trek Starships Jem'Hadar Bug with Collector Magazine   Star Trek Starships Krenim Temporal Weapon with Magazine

Star Trek Starships Borg Sphere with Collector Magazine   Star Trek Cardassian Galor Class Starship with Magazine   Star Trek Starships Maquis Raider Vehicle with Magazine

Each of the ships come with a display stand and a magazine with content similar to that found in issues of the popular and now out-of-print Star Trek: The Magazine issues from years past, including images from the episodes and films and design details of each ship.

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