You will be assimilated with 24 goodies in giant re-creation of The Borg Cube as Star Trek Advent calendar

It’s the ultimate subscription box… or cube.  Only it’s a one-shot purchase that will give Star Trek fans something to look forward to for 24 days.  And it may just give your postal carrier a hernia.  It’s a hefty, giant reproduction of The Borg Cube in the first ever Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar, new this year from Hero Collector.  Collectors of Star Trek character pins will especially want to ask Santa for this prize, but it features enough variety that there is sure to be something to share with a house full of Trek fans.  It’s a box that reminds us of the old Firefly subscription crates–with similar variety and quality–a few big items and several smaller items.

The big wins include a first warp flight-inspired espresso mug for your raktajino, original series-era bridge screen-inspired coasters, and some NextGen socks, but that’s all we’re saying (OK, just a bit more below).  Act fast to get it soon: Pre-order here direct from Hero Collector, offered at a discount from SRP as of today’s date.  We didn’t find this available anywhere else.  (*Editor: 2022 Update–find this item archived and sometimes available here)

Each day’s surprise comes with a festive note detailing the story and trivia behind it, both wrapped together in branded tissue paper.  Items are contained in numbered boxes and envelopes of varying sizes, which fit like drawers inside the sturdy 10″x10″x10″ cube cardboard box.  Every live-action Star Trek series is represented.

For those who aren’t fans of paper products in subscription boxes and the like, note there are only three days with such items in this collection, and a deck of playing cards.  Hero Collector assembled a good mix of those familiar useful pocket items–all branded with Star Trek components–the types of products you’d expect from franchise Advent calendars or subscription boxes.

It’s a big haul and a fun haul, priced at a little more than $4-$6 per item, depending on when and where you purchase it.  And… hint… if you collect Star Trek pins, this is probably exactly right for you.  Again, it’s a mix of Star Trek and Christmas, so time your purchase accordingly.  The Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar featuring The Borg Cube is available now here at Hero Collector.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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