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Back in 2017 we previewed a line of superheroines in Mattel’s longstanding, ongoing line of its famous Barbie dolls.  The first featured Wonder Woman characters from DC Comics, and two years later from over at Marvel Mattel released a line of X-Men figures featuring Mystique, Storm, and Dark Phoenix (there has been a Tomb Raider Barbie, too).  In 2018 Mattel rolled out the first 17 figures in an Inspiring Women role model series, but we think the latest Barbie celebrates the greatest superheroine of them all.  Recognizing decades of dedication, ground-breaking research, and heroic achievements as a conservationist, Mattel has revealed its next Inspiring Women Barbie: Dr. Jane Goodall–and she’s the first Barbie ever to be made from recycled materials (75%).

And it includes a lovely sculpt of her long-time friend David Greybeard.

You can order the set now here at Amazon or pre-order the set now here at Entertainment Earth.

But Dr. Goodall isn’t the only environmentalist and animal rights champion coming to Barbie.

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Review by C.J. Bunce

The latest graphic novel in publisher SelfMadeHero’s Art Masters series is a lovely–and lovingly created-tribute to artist Georgia O’Keeffe, full of inspiring passages, thoughts, and achievements.  Writer and artist María Herreros goes right to the source for her inspiration, re-creating not O’Keeffe’s famous artworks from her 98 years, but selecting passages she wrote to friends in letters.  Any artist, creator, or maker, will find bits of themselves in O’Keeffe’s thoughts as she describes her preferences, her influences, and her self-doubt about her creative process and ideas.

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