Interview: A conversation with comic book writer Jai Nitz

I was lucky enough to meet comic book writer Jai Nitz at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego (pictured above with comics legend Stan Lee).  Jai Nitz has written for Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, and Dynamite.  He wrote Tron: Betrayal and is currently writing Kato Origins, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, and Bring the Thunder at Dynamite Entertainment. We’re happy to welcome Jai to

Every year longtime Comic-Con attendees comment that Comic-Con has changed with the addition of mega-panels for Hollywood movie franchises, production studios, video game companies, etc., implying a lesser focus on the “comic” in Comic-Con.  Being in the industry as a comic book writer, what is your take? 

JN:  A lot of Comic Con attendees don’t read comics.  That doesn’t bother me.  They still go to movies, play video games, and watch TV based on comics.  They pump a lot of money into the comic economy.  I don’t complain about that.  It’d be like saying we only wanted people who played pee-wee, high school, and college football to attend NFL games.  Why limit the fanbase?

What was the best part of Comic-Con for you this year?  Did you make it to any panels?

JN:  My best part of Comic Con was seeing the Grant Morrison & Deepak Chopra panel.  After the panel Grant hugged me and asked how my next project was going.  It was awesome.

Any favorite fan moments from this year?

JN:  I met one of the new actors on True Blood this season.  He put two and two together that my name was Jai, but I’m “Jai Nitz, comic book writer” and he’d read some of my most recent stuff.  He was a fan.  So that was uplifting.

Any advice for next year for fans or professionals coming to Comic-Con for the first time?

JN:  It’s tough to enjoy the con on the cheap.  It can be done, but be prepared to spend a ton of money.

Any peers in the comic book world you were able to meet up with again, or meet for the first time?

JN:  I always meet up with the wonderful Australians:  Nicola Scott (Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Torn), Craig Court, Tom Taylor (The Deep, Rombies, The Authority, Star Wars: Invasion), etc.  They’re the best people, but we only get to hang out at the big cons.

What work did you have available at the show this year?  Did you make any connections on new writing projects that you can share?

JN:  My latest writing work, Kato Origins, Bring the Thunder, and Tron: Betrayal were all out, so I capitalized on them as best I could.  I met with some producers and editors who were familiar with my work.  Who knows if any of those interactions will pan out.  It’s always a crap shoot… a crap shoot you only see the results of six months later.

Comic-Con shows off a lot of new movies, books, toys, you name it.  What was the coolest thing at Comic-Con you saw being introduced this year?

JN:  The Gestalt Comics initial launch of graphic novels.  The Deep and Torn are both awesome.

Here are some great pics of Jai with several familiar faces at this year’s Comic-Con:

Jai with wrestling legend and They Live star Roddy Piper…

And Jai and another comics fave…Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons:

Thanks for sharing your Con experience with us, Jai!  You can follow Jai on Twitter at @JAINITZ1 or find him on Facebook at Jai Nitz.

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