Star Trek Captains panel today available via live streaming video

Today marks the last day of the annual Creation Entertainment Star Trek convention in Las Vegas celebrating the 45th year of Star Trek.  If you were unable to attend this year’s show you still have a chance to watch The Three Captains Panel featuring Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kate Mulgrew, from Star Trek Voyager, and William Shatner from Star Trek the Original Series.  The panel will stream live at this link from 1:20 to 3:15 p.m. local time.  It’s not free, online streaming isn’t the price of going in person but is still $14.99.  So if you want to watch it grab a few friends and share the price!

And if you can’t make the live show you can watch re-broadcasts at this link.  Re-broadcasts are also not free.  Each show from this year’s convention carries a different price.  Here is a rundown of this year’s other panels:

  • Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim – Garrett Wang
  • Return to the Sixties – Lee Meriwether (Losira), Yvonne Craig (Marta), & Clint Howard (Balok, Muk)
  • Return to Enterprise – Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) & Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker)
  • Deep Space Nine Aliens – Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Shran), Nicole de Boer (Dax), Vaughn Armstrong (Forrest, Korris, Korath, Klaax, etc.), Casey Biggs (Damar), Max Grodenchik (Rom)
  • Mr. Chekov – Walter Koenig
  • Voyager’s Tuvok- Tim Russ
  • Deep Space Nine’s Odo & Kira – Rene Auberjonois & Nana Visitor
  • Star Trek The Next Generation Panel – Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr, Dr. Selar), & John Delancie (Q)
  • Klingon Empire – JG Hertzler (Martok, Kolos), Robert O’Reilly (Gowron), Barbara March (Lursa) & Gwynyth Walsh (B’Etor)
  • Deep Space Nine’s Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax – Terry Farrell
  • Captain Janeway – Kate Mulgrew
  • Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy
  • Voyager’s Neelix – Ethan Phillips
C.J. Bunce

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