First look–Liar’s Moon trailer

For the first time anywhere, is premiering for readers the release of the trailer for Liar’s Moon:

Digger returns!

The errant thief who escaped a failed heist to stumble into a conspiracy of an exiled band of rebels and users of forbidden magic in the high fantasy novel StarCrossed, returns to her home city of Gerse in Elizabeth C. Bunce’s new fantasy noir novel Liar’s Moon.

No time is wasted as our feisty heroine is mugged and dragged kicking to prison.  But there’s more to this capture as she finds an old ally imprisoned there, awaiting a death sentence for the murder of his wife.  She continues to break her own rules—don’t get caught and don’t get involved, as she wrestles with even more rules: keep your head down, keep your eyes open, and keep your mouth shut.  For Digger, continuing to masquerade as Lady Celyn, it’s all about just staying alive as the stakes are raised when she receives secret messages and is finally visited by the icy and creepy Inquisitor.  She must rely an old friends and acquire new ones to weave her way through her own problems and pursue a dark mystery as Prince Wierolf’s army closes in on the city gates.  And the truth is not what she wants to hear.

Bunce’s writing is smart, her characters are gutsy, and her portrayal of an Italian Renaissance-inspired harbor town on the cusp of being sacked by a new leader’s army is evocative and gritty.  But it’s her characters’ relationships and interactions that will stick with you long after the story ends.  Bunce adds some great new players into this fantasy world, like the elegant Lady Koya and fellow street urchin Rat, who join old favorites like Eptin Cwalo and Raffin Taradyce–but even they are not the same people they once were.  Time and impending war changes everyone and Digger must decide whether to keep her secret skill with forbidden magic hidden or use it to change all the rules.  In the end she encounters her most significant relationship yet and realizes she is even more powerful than she ever imagined.  Part whodunnit, part noir crime drama, part romance, this centuries old fantasy world will have readers honing their own detective skills to uncover a plot against a local crime family.  It also reveals the reality of a city readying for war, a town cloaked in secrets, and townsfolk who must choose sides as they try to survive, hidden in dark alleys and warehouses in this well-developed river city underworld under a sky of seven moons.

Liar’s Moon is available in hardcover November 1, with pre-release and eBook discount pricing at  Liar’s Moon has been nominated for the ALA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults list for 2011.  Book 1 of the Thief Errant series, StarCrossed, is also available in stores and online, and it is available in hardcover and eBook editions.  StarCrossed was named to the Best Fiction for Young Adults list, a Kansas Notable Book, and a Chicago Public Library Best of the Best book.  Bunce’s first novel, A Curse Dark as Gold, is also available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and eBook editions.  A Curse Dark as Gold was named the inaugural winner of the American Library Association’s William C. Morris Award, a Smithsonian Notable Book, a Kansas Notable Book, listed as an Oprah’s Book Club Kids Reading List Teen Selection, the Amelia Bloomer Project list, a Best Book for Young Adults, and a Cybils Award finalist.

Here is the trailer for StarCrossed that debuted last year:

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