Frank Cho to release Liberty Meadows Sunday comic strip collection in June

Another Sunday is here, and Easter at that.  (Happy Easter!)  When you think of laugh-out-loud Sunday funnies from years past you may think of The Far Side, Peanuts, or Calvin and Hobbes.  If you were lucky enough you may have read Frank Cho’s original Liberty Meadows strips.  If you weren’t so lucky, or if you just want to read them again (and you will), then we have good news:  Brandy the animal psychiatrist, Frank the veterinarian, Brandy’s roommate Jen, Evil Brandy from a mirror universe, Frank’s own alias Monkey Boy the chimp, Ralph the ex-circus bear, Frank the ex-frat house mascot pig, Leslie the hypochondriac frog, Truman the bowtie-wearing duck, Oscar the dachshund… all are returning soon to a bookstore near you.

Frank Cho announced on his website that he is releasing a two-volume set of books beginning this summer through Image Comics, reprinting all five years of the original Liberty Meadows Sunday newspaper strips. 

A preliminary cover draft by Frank Cho for the new Sunday strip collection.

First, in June, Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection Book 1 will collect year 1, 2 and 3 of the multi-award winning Liberty Meadows Sunday strips.  Frank says that half of these Sunday comic strips will be new to most readers since they were never reprinted after their initial newspaper publication.

Then by year end he will release Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection Book 2, collecting year 4 and year 5 of the Liberty Meadows Sunday strips.  Both volumes will include new material, too.

A variety of Frank Cho comic strips, including ones the syndicates censored, can be found at Frank's website,

Not only is Frank Cho’s art from early in his career every bit as superb as his current work, his strips were as funny as any humor you’ve ever read.  You will laugh out loud, and if you drink or eat while you read, just be careful, as his humor is abrupt, and comes out of nowhere, and things may involuntary shoot from your nose.  Gross, I know, but I also know this from past experience.  You’ve been warned.  And you must share these strips with others or they may be annoyed, asking you “what are you laughing about?”

At Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection Book 1 appears that it will have a $24.99 release price available in a nice 160-page hardcover edition, however, pre-orders are available now at a significantly reduced price.

Expect some great art by Frank Cho in his new 2013 calendar, with pinups like this drawing the artist created last summer.

Along with several other projects expected this year, like the eagerly awaited Guns & Dinos first previewed here last year at Comic-Con, if you will be attending the San Jose Big Wow Comic Art Fest in May, Frank will be selling a limited supply of a new 2013 Liberty Meadows Pinup Calendar.

But while you are waiting for these new collections, Frank Cho’s original daily comic strips are available in previously released editions, each as hysterically funny as the other:

Liberty Meadows: Book One, Eden (v. 1)

Liberty Meadows: Book Two, Creature Comforts (v. 2)

Liberty Meadows Volume 3: Summer Of Love (New Printing) (v. 3)

Liberty Meadows Volume 4: Cold, Cold Heart (v. 4)

Liberty Meadows: Cover Girl  (reprints all the Liberty Meadows series covers)

And for some even earlier Frank Cho humor, check out his this edition:

University Squared: The Angry Years

 C.J. Bunce


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