Twin Cities hosts 24th annual FallCon comic book show Saturday

The Midwest Comic Book Association is hosting the 24th Annual FallCon “Comic Book Party” at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday October 6, 2012, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in St. Paul, Minnesota, also called the “One Day Wonder.”  Twenty-four shows is a long time for any convention so if you’re in the area this may be a great way to spend up to seven hours tomorrow pouring through more than a half a million comic books for sale and meet more than 135 comic book creators scheduled to attend.

Although the MCBA does not appear to be officially pronouncing any single event headliner today, a quick look at the long roster of guests will likely reflect someone you want to meet or someone you want to catch up with again.

Comic book artist Bill Willingham of Fables fame is scheduled to attend as stated on the show website (although he does not include this on his list of upcoming shows on his own website so take note).  Other popular attendees include Dan Jurgens (New 52 artist, including Green Arrow and Superman and the classic “Death of Superman” storyline), Steve Kurth (New 52 Green Arrow artist, Avengers vs X-Men), Womanthology artists Jess Hickman and Darla Ecklund, Mitch Gerads (2012 Doctor Who Special from IDW Comics), Patrick Gleason (New 52 Batman and Robin), Christopher Jones (Young Justice and Batman Strikes), and Tom Nguyen (Army of Darkness cover artist).

New 52 Batman and Robin Gleason original art for the Zero cover (from his website)

Many of these comic book creators, in addition to talking to fans, will be drawing commission sketches, as well as selling comics and art.

Mitch Gerads art is featured in the current Doctor Who Special from IDW.

According to the MCBA, Fallcon is for everyone: “long-term fans as well as newcomers–the party atmosphere of FallCon provides attendees with the chance to celebrate the medium as well as the opportunity to personally interface with comic book artists, inkers & writers. These include working professionals, up-and-comers, independent & alternative voices, beginners, has-beens, never-will-bes, and all types of creative practioners in between… expectation of the unexpected is generally expected… New and exciting creative alliances will be formed, collector dreams will be recognized or dashed, new friendships will be forged in the fires of common interests, local charities will be benefited, role playing costume characters will be masters of all they survey, creative types will be inspired, and all will be as it should be.”

Some cool Green Arrow original art from Steve Kurth (from his website).

Tickets available at the door for $8.00 and $1.00 off with a canned food shelf donation. Kids 9 and under get in free.  Check out the MCBA website for more information.

C.J. Bunce

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