First look–Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard

What better way to spend next Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart than going to the premiere of the fifth Die Hard movie?  A Good Day to Die Hard again feature the tough as nails New York cop John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, the cop who walked over glass barefoot to save his wife in Die Hard, saved Dulles airport in Washington, DC from rogue military terrorists in Die Harder, saved New York from a bomber/thief in Die Hard with a Vengeance, and then saved America from a group of hackers in Live Free or Die Hard. 

Check out the first trailer just released this week:

Jai Courtney (Jack Reacher, I, Frankenstein) plays John McClane, Jr., as father and son head to Russia to take on “local forces,” whatever that means.  The line from the trailer “007 from Plainfield, New Jersey” is about right.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead returns as his daughter, and Patrick Stewart is also rumored to have a role.

This action-intense trailer looks like it was made by the same team that created the current trailer for November’s release of the next James Bond thriller Skyfall.

A Good Day to Die Hard is scheduled to hit theaters on Feb. 14, 2013–just before G.I. Joe: Retaliation arrives in March also starring Bruce Willis.  And while you’re waiting for more Yippi Ki Yay check out Die Hard: Year One.

C.J. Bunce

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