Finally! Arrow premieres tomorrow, free digital comic available now

We’ve been talking about the new Arrow TV series all year here at  I have been a life-long fan of the character, and I spent all night and a day camping out with thousands of Firefly fans to see the pilot episode that I reviewed here back in July.  Now everyone gets to see the pilot and why those who have seen it so far think this will be a superhero series that may actually survive the scrutiny of TV audiences and ratings.

Right now you can get a free digital copy of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive print comic created for the TV series, downloadable at  It gives some insight into the TV series.  A weekly digital tie-in will also be available at Comixology’s website for 99 cents starting Wednesday.

Although the DC Comics New 52 series is not tied into the TV series, one of my favorite artists is now the artist for the current DC comic book series–Freddie Williams II–and here is a great sketch of a young and determined Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow that he kindly created for me, similar to the guy you’ll see tomorrow night.  Very, very cool!

I hope you all enjoy the pilot tomorrow night!

C.J. Bunce

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