Already? Another Star Trek Into Darkness trailer reveals even more good stuff

Star Trek Into Darkness The Brig

Does anyone else think J.J. Abrams might kill off Captain Kirk at the end of the next Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness?   Just look at that image at the end of the Japanese teaser trailer.   Look at the tears in the eyes of the entire crew.  If they could kill off Mr. Spock in the first Star Trek II, why not Kirk this time?  Then in Star Trek:  The Search for Kirk, Spock must figure out how to merge back into the original timeline to bring back Kirk?  Better yet, give us a movie or two to see what it would be like without Kirk.  Hmm…

Back to the subject in the title…

Didn’t we just see the first trailer for the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek reboot, titled Star Trek Into Darkness?  That’s right, we featured the first trailer here just ten days ago, along with an extended version released in Japan, and already we have another one.

It’s not the nine-minute preview that some got to see in front of certain showings of The Hobbit last weekend.  We’re anxiously waiting for that preview to hit the Internet.

Kirk and lens flares
Abrams returns as director, packing his lens flares and ready for action.

Meanwhile more has been released about Star Trek Into Darkness’s secret characters revealed by this week.  If you’re not afraid of spoilers check it out for some great details.  The high level disclosure by Abrams & Co. is that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing BALOK!  (OK, not really–but wouldn’t that be awesome?)  Actually he’s playing a terrorist named John Harrison, a non-lead background character from the original TV series, evidently now changed into a force of evil and major player by the new events and timeline shown in Star Trek 2009. 


Actress Alice Eve will be portraying Carol Marcus, creator of the Genesis Device, James T. Kirk’s girlfriend and future mother of his son David, first seen later in her life by viewers in the original Trek sequel, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  And we get to see Klingons again in the new movie.  We’re ecstatic that Cumberbatch is apparently playing neither Khan nor Gary Mitchell as previously rumored (and a bit disappointed he’s not going to be Balok), and unless Abrams is playing with us yet again, he made a great choice not to redo old villains.

Chekov gets the red shirt treatment

As seen in this brand new trailer–the second version released this month–Chekov fulfills his destiny originally planned for the Star Trek: Phase II TV series–he now has his red shirt, presumably as head of security for the Enterprise.  We get to see Cumberbatch’s Harrison stuck in a very cool Enterprise brig, similar to the brig from the Enterprise-D. 

Check out the new preview for Star Trek Into Darkness:

Five months to go until the theatrical release, Star Trek Into Darkness premieres May 17, 2013.

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