Cheer for the next Godzilla in del Toro’s mecha vs. monster flick, Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim very big teeth

It’s December, and that means holiday movie releases, which means we’re getting bombarded with movie trailers.  That includes a film focusing on the heir-apparent to the classic Japanese mega-monster, Godzilla.  At Comic-Con this year, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures started some buzz for a new monster movie by Guillermo del Toro, simply titled Pacific Rim, with giveaways of an eye-catching exclusive teaser poster (the newly released poster is to the right):

Pacific Rim rare Comic-Con poster   Pacific Rim new poster

A fun mini-teaser was released last week, and it may peak your interest further:

With the release of The Hobbit, Warner Brothers released the full trailer for Pacific Rim.  Check out the first trailer:

What’s it got going for it?  It’s an intriguing title.  The trailer is excellent for the first minute.  The shadow images and roar of the creature look great–something like Cloverfield.  This longer-than-a-football-field-sized creature lying dead on the aircraft carrier.  Way cool.  Then something happens.  A challenge to the suspension of disbelief factor maybe?  I was hoping this would be another Godzilla vs. This New Guy movie.  Instead it appears to be a take on Transformers, albeit large-sized Transformers.  That said, the design, costumes, sets, and techno-gadgetry appear very state-of-the-art.  At a minimum, this looks like it will be a pretty good late night cable flick in a year or so.

Pacific Rim We're gonna need a bigger boat
They’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Maybe once you get into the feel for a movie where mankind can build unthinkably giant robots controlled by humans a la Avatar suits, maybe, just maybe, this will make for a decent action film.

Pacific Rim is scheduled for release in theaters July 12, 2013.

C.J. Bunce

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