Grimm adaptation of TV series coming next month from Dynamite

Grimm 1 cover photo

Following the further exploits of Portland detective Nick Burkhart, his partner Hank Griffin, Blutbad werewolf pal Monroe, and girlfriend Juliette, Dynamite Comics has released some teasers and cover art for its new ongoing monthly series Grimm, to be released in May.  The story is written by show writers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, with final script by Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey.  Jose Malaga will serve as series artist.  Alex Ross is back again with a cool incentive cover.

The TV series is filmed in Portland, and often you get glimpses of nearby surroundings, but because so much happens with the Wesen of the week in the woods, we think they could show some more of the beautiful and lush area where the series takes place.  Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for several years we have our own list of haunts we think Nick & Co. should visit on future cases in both the TV series and new comic book series.  How about considering these locations, Grimm creators?

The Saturday Market. This weekend fixture is surrounded by classic architecture and brick we think we have spotted before, but how about having Nick run in pursuit through a crowd of shoppers buying homemade soaps and incense, or grab a gyro from a street vendor?

Fleet Week on the Waterfront. It’s about the “port” in Portland, the Willamette Riverfront hosts giant naval vessels each year in a grand show of seapower–a great stage for an episode of Grimm.

Grimm cover alternate Alex Ross sketch
Original art cover sketch by Alex Ross.

Columbia River Gorge.  One of the most beautiful places on Earth and we’ve yet to see Nick and Monroe drive down the Gorge to track the scent of some “creature from the Columbia River”.

I-84 waterfalls.  Multnomah Falls is a postcard setting that is almost always featured in TV car ads. It’s a great place for a season finale. And they can check out other film spots at the several waterfalls along the way.

Multnomah Falls Lodge.  By itself, its interior is a great place to film dinner scenes. And they serve a ginormous salad.

Mount St. Helens.  Another great setting for an episode, just up the road from Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River, the blast zone from the 1981 eruption is ever-changing and an obvious spot to breed new creatures to be hunted by a Grimm.


Pioneer Place.  In Washington, DC movies like True Lies are often filmed in Georgetown Mall. In Portland the mall with a classic city look is Pioneer Place, located downtown–with an outdoor walking area that is similar to Union Square in San Francisco.

Stuck on I-5 because the drawbridge is up for a passing ship.  It happens every day, you get stuck going north or south. How about a dose of reality to hold someone up in their quest?

OMSI.  The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is full of cool architecture that could be used to set the museum itself as a location for filming or to recreate some fictional location.

Powell’s City of Books.  It’s the Mecca for book readers with blocks of bookstores of every variety, new and used. You can’t have a series located in Portland and not end up at Powell’s at some point.


And here are the preview pages from the first issue of Grimm, which focuses on Nick’s mom Kelly and her efforts to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos, featured in the TV series:

Grimm two page spread



Look for Grimm in comic book stores next month!

C.J. Bunce

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