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If you’re tired of the same superhero teams that have been around for the better part of a century (and even if you’re not) two new comic books offer new teams to get to know.  Remember Marvel Comics’ New Universe in the 1980s?  Star Brand, Nightmask, PSI-Force, Justice, D.P. 7, Kickers, Inc., Mark Hazzard: Merc, Spitfire and the Troubleshooters–I read them all.  Nightmask and Star Brand even returned this year in the NOW! series event.  But if you’re looking for something different from The Avengers of the Justice League, give these two books a look.


First, coming in two weeks is the second issue of The Movement from DC Comics.   Gail Simone has crafted a new world within the DC Universe yet apart from the current New 52 activities.  She’s created a new team of street urchin types defending the poor and the downtrodden from bad guys and the corrupt police force that should be protecting everyone.  Artist Freddie Williams II has created a cool looking super force with Mouse, the “prince of rats” who enlists rodents in his crusade against the forces for bad, Virtue, who seems to be the leader of the team and has psychic abilities, Tremor, who can control her environment, such as causing an Earthquake with her touch, Katharsis, who is a character that resembles Huntress, but sports a set of mechanical wings and in Issue #1 was all badass against corrupt cops, and finally Burden, who has super powers but believes he is possessed.

Williams and Simone The Movement

Issue #1 of The Movement is primarily an origin issue, so it will be fun to see where these characters go in Issue #2.

Deep Sea one-shot cover

Next up, we’re discussed many times here at the Dark Horse Presents anthology series and the many stories that have been spun off into their own one-shots or ongoing books.  Next Wednesday, Dark Horse releases a one-shot compiling Dark Horse Presents’ stories of The Deep Sea.  You’ve got many reasons to pick up this book, not the least of which is another nice work by the writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey.

The Deep Sea is told in part in flashback as an old man returns to examine the recovery of a downed ship from 50 years ago, a bit like the bookend story in the film Titanic.  We learn a bit about why the ship was lost and how he came to be the only survivor–or maybe not.  The main story of The Deep Sea focuses on the great looking dive team from back in 1960, drawn by artist Tony Akins in a great retro style.  There is something Fantastic Four about their look, and the main character looks a but like Buddy Holly.  And we get to see a number of sea monsters in a story that may remind you of The Philadelphia Experiment.  The ending of this one-shot leaves the possibility for future stories, which would be more than welcome.

Deep Sea page 5

Check out Issue #2 of The Movement June 5, 2013, and The Deep Sea is available this Wednesday, May 22, 2013, at comic book stores everywhere.

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