New in Sci-fi: Tie-in novels expand worlds of Fringe and Supernatural

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Can’t get enough of your favorite paranormal sci-fi TV series?  Four TV tie-in novels released this year may help.

This summer Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Twilight Zone tie-in author Christa Faust released two novels delving into the backstory of the popular sci-fi TV series Fringe.  First up is Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox, where Faust tells the story of how Walter Bishop and William Bell perform an experiment in 1971 with a drug that opens a gateway to a parallel universe that allows the real-life Zodiac killer into our universe.  That drug ends up being cortexiphan–the drug that TV viewers will know well from the series.   Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox is for fans of John Noble’s Walter Bishop character who want to look deeper into his early life before the changes that made him the oddity he became in the TV series, and provides some details behind the impetus for the Fringe Division.

Faust’s second Fringe novel, Fringe: The Burning Man was released last week, and this book focuses on the teenage years of Anna Torv’s character Olivia Dunham, taking place ten years after the events of The Zodiac Paradox Although both novels are standalone and don’t require readers to have seen the TV series or read the previous book, The Burning Man also hinges on the effects of cortexiphan, specifically the abilities Olivia develops after being experimented on with the drug by Bishop.  Fringe: The Burning Man explores Olivia and her powers, and how she struggles and learns to control those powers.

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With Fringe airing its final episode this past January, these new tie-in books are the only place fans can get more of their Fringe fix.  Although Supernatural is still running strong, now in its ninth season on the CW Network, fans can get more stories of the Winchester brothers with Alice Henderson’s Supernatural: Fresh Meat, and Tim Waggoner’s Supernatural: Carved in Flesh, both released this year.  Both novels take place in the TV series’ seventh season and both provide fans with the familiar idiosyncracies of Jared Padalecki’s Sam and Jensen Ackles’ Dean.

Henderson’s Supernatural: Fresh Meat takes the brothers to the High Sierras where they encounter a man-eating beast, and learn that what is behind the beast and other strange happenings is a shape-shifting incarnation they must defeat while trying to stay alive when a winter storm hits.  Waggoner’s Supernatural: Carved in Flesh sets the brothers on the trail of a four-legged killer in Ohio, the result of creepy experiments, in a Dr. Moreau-inspired tale of mad scientists and biotechnology.

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