Elite Comics second Free Comic Book Day of the Dead another success

2013 Elite Day of the Dead banner

The second Elite Comics Free Comic Book Day of the Dead was held yesterday at the shop in Overland Park, Kansas.  The store was crowded all day with plenty of cake, fun, and free comics.

Artists including Damont Jordan, Nathen Reinke, and Bryan Fyffe (who created the poster for the event below) created sketches for visitors and displayed their work.

Bryan Fyffe poster for 2013 Elite Comics Day of the Dead

Below are some photos from the day.

HALO and Power Rangers Elite 2013
Mike Steinmetz’s HALO costume meets up with some Power Rangers.
CJ Bunce Green Arrow Elite Comics 2013
Your editor as his favorite character, Mike Grell’s longbow hunter Green Arrow.
EC Bunce Elite Comics 2013 Geo Washington Agent of SHIELD
Elizabeth C. Bunce attending as George Washington, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
JP leading up the game room with Zombie Daze at Elite Comics 2013
J.P. headed up a few rounds of Zombie Daze in the game room.
Winding down after a long day, at Barley's.
Winding down after a long day, at Barley’s. (Jessica Meditz-Porter photo)

C.J. Bunce

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