Retro-alert: Vintage Alien action figures… only the beginning?

Alien retro action figures

It’s time to pull your vintage Kenner Star Wars and Indiana Jones figures and spaceships out of the closet.  Remember wanting to pit your vintage Boba Fett action figure against the alien from the movie Alien, but there was no Alien figure out there of the correct scale?  Did you ever want to set Han Solo and Firefly’s Mal on a mission to the Outer Rim in the Millennium Falcon? Have you ever considered teaming up Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Bill and Ted to take on Ahnold’s Terminator?  Or stage the ultimate face-off between Snake Plissken and the alien from Predator?  Funko toy company is going to make your dreams come true.

ReAction logos

With the December 2013 release of a retro 3 ¾-inch line of action figures with 5 points of articulation from the movie Alien, Funko is beginning a series of more than a dozen licensed properties that will get the vintage Kenner-style, retro action figure treatment under a vintage Kenner font “ReAction” brand.  Based on drawings and prototypes of a halted 1979 line of Alien movie action figures intended to add to the Star Wars action figure toy market, Funko is releasing its first line of five Alien action figures to whet collectors’ appetites.

ReAction Retro Alien figures series

The Alien figures include the Alien creature, Ripley, Ash, Dallas and Kane in the classic Alien spacesuit all on retro carded packaging.

Alien ReAction action figure

Coming in 2014 look for several properties that never had 3 ¾-inch action figures to finally get their own toy line, including Aliens, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Crystal, Escape from New York, Firefly, Goonies, Predator, Terminator 1 and 2, and the classic Universal Monsters.

We’ve got more suggestions for Funko.  How about Magnum, P.I.?  A line of 3 ¾-inch action figures from The Princess Bride, Flash Gordon, Blade Runner, Welcome Back, Kotter, The Last Starfighter, James Bond, or M.A.S.H.? 

Tron action figures

These Alien figures remind us of one of the best small scale action figure sets of the 1980s: the Tron line, including light cycles and figures for Tron, Flynn, Sark, and the Warrior Guard.  These were first released by Disney but then re-released by NECA in a 20th anniversary series.  The action figures can still be found here

Start by pre-ordering your complete set of Alien figures here. Individual figures are expected to retail for $14.95.

C.J. Bunce

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