Straczynski recounts the end of the Machine War in new Terminator series

Strac Terminator cover

J. Michael Straczynski is bringing the Terminator universe full circle by ending the Machine War, beginning this week with the first issue in a 12-issue limited monthly series, Terminator Salvation: Final Battle.  Jumping from the past to the future and back again, the next year will reveal the final destiny of Skynet and we will finally witness the legendary fate of John Connor.

Connor begins to set in motion a plan that will involve his fate and that of his father in the distant future–the year 2029.  Issue #1 is a good time traveling romp, setting up a fine starting point to bring fans familiar with any of the four Terminator movies back into the Skynet universe.

What we haven’t yet seen before this new series is the “time door”–the mechanism that allowed Kyle Reese to return to the 1980s in the first Terminator movie, rescue Sarah Connor, and set in motion the events that would give humanity a chance against Skynet in the distant future.

A once terminally ill woman, later turned mad scientist, is the architect of the time door.  And the future Terminators are based on a convict from the past named Thomas Parnell.  Why a convict?  Why build a Clone Army on a bounty hunter?  We’ll just have to read on in future issues to find out.

Watch for some good color work by Matthew Wilson and interesting environments by series artist Pete Woods.

Here’s a Dark Horse Comics preview of Issue #1:







Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle Issue #1 is available this week at comic book stores everywhere.

C.J. Bunce

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