Mash-up time: The X-Files crew to investigate Transformers, Ghostbusters, and more

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If you have the licenses to Transformers, Ghostbusters, The Crow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The X-Files, and you’re the publisher that has had the Mars Attacks aliens crossover with every property under the sun from Popeye to KISS, then the future is probably inevitable.  Mulder and Scully and The Lone Gunmen–why not have them pursue these strange oddities in the world of pop culture and sci-fi?

Under the banner The X-Files: Conspiracy, IDW Publishing has announced a volley of crossover one-shots beginning with a January 2014 release, spinning out of their successful The X-Files: Season Ten monthly comic book series.  First up, The X-Files: Conspiracy, Issue #1 will set up the story arc, as Mulder and Scully pursue the threat of a virus that may spread across the country into a plague if they cannot stop it.

the_x_files_ghostbusters_cover  XFiless_TF01_cvrA

Next, with The X-Files: Conspiracy – Ghostbusters, The Lone Gunmen begin their pursuit of strange turtles in the sewers, an ominous vengeful spirit, and strange robots, first by tracking down the famous paranormal ghost squad.  Are the Ghostbusters for real, or are they frauds bilking innocent people out of their money?

IDW has already released several standard covers and incentive covers for the initial issues and future books, and they include some great designs.  The Area 51 turtle incentive cover in particular is a great idea.

XFiless_TF01_cvrSUB  XFiless_TMNT01_cvrSUB

No images have been released yet of the crossover with The Crow–the series spun out of the classic, dark film known for the last performance of Brandon Lee.  The Mulder and Scully cover has room for comic shop imprints.

conspiracy3  Conspiracy_GB2

Look for The X-Files: Conspiracy at your local comic book store in January 2014.

C.J. Bunce

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