First look–New trailer for the next Spidey movie


Whiny teen bent on becoming a hero.  Check.

Supersuit that is true to the original.  Check.

Web-swinging across skyscrapers.  Check.

A good lead actress playing Spidey’s love interest.  Check.

New villains.  Check.

It’s the new trailer for next year’s The Amazing Spider-man 2, again starring Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker opposite Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.  Relative newcomer Dan DeHaan as Harry Osborn seems an odd choice considering he’s taking on a role that was so well-played by the versatile James Franco, but he takes a lead position as villain in this second trailer for the movie.

Check it out for yourself:

Paul Giamatti is playing the Rhino (who?) but because of the costume we don’t get to see the actor in this trailer.  And that’s Jamie Foxx as Mr. Freeze, er, I mean, Electro.  With so much CGI will these actors get a chance to show their stuff?  We see a shot of Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, but will the Green Goblin make an appearance?  With the Green Goblin as a key enemy for the web-slinger, why not have him as the lead villain?  Willem Dafoe was a great choice in the prior films, but had little opportunity to do much with the character.

What we’d really like to see, of course, is an appearance by Spidey in an X-Men or Avengers movie.  Unfortunately so many Hollywood rights assignments conflict that we’ll likely not see that for quite a while.

Spider-man fans will want to watch the new trailer over and over.  The Amazing Spider-man 2 doesn’t arrive in theaters until May 2, 2014.

C.J. Bunce

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