Michael Turner’s Wonder Woman look prevails for Batman vs. Superman

Michael Turner Wonder Woman

When Cobie Smulders was announced to voice Wonder Woman in The Lego Movie, it seemed like someone, somewhere was finally paying attention.  Who cares if she’s playing a standout character in the Marvel Comics Universe?  Just check out this Fan Art posted by someone named Josh at this website and you’ll get the idea.

Not Smulders but fan mock up at Fan Art website

Few have the classic Wonder Woman look and could also pull off the role.  We once thought Chuck’s sister (from the Chuck NBC series) played by Sarah Lancaster would be a good pick, too.

Sarah Lancaster NBC Chuck

But, alas, that’s not going to happen.

But if Zach Snyder is trying to match the look of the DC Comics successful Superman/Batman series for his next movie, Batman vs. Superman, he could hardly have done better casting the new Wonder Woman.  Although Henry Cavill doesn’t match Michael Turner’s Superman renderings and it’s the mask that will make or break Ben Affleck’s Batman, this week’s announcement of less-known actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman couldn’t have been a better match.

Turner WW sketch  Gal Gadot from twitter

Even putting aside her past Miss Israel status and general Mediterranean look that matches many artists’ incarnations of the famous Amazon princess pulled into the DCU from Greek mythology, Gadot looks like she was lifted out of Michael Turner’s run on Superman/Batman issues 8-13.  If you’re going to look back to the Big 3 of the DC Universe for inspiration, there’s not many better places to look.

Turner DCU trio  Wonder Woman and The Rock

With Stephen Amell’s public interest in taking his Oliver Queen/Green Arrow into Snyder’s film, and since a new Barry Allen/Flash introduced into CW’s Arrow series with Amell, it would be a waste not to have one camera pan to at least show most of the Justice League in at least a cameo.  And “if” Snyder goes there, his choice of Gadot leaves us begging for him to bring in Turner’s Supergirl, too.

Turner women art cover  Gadot screencap image

Batman vs. Superman doesn’t come to theaters until July 17, 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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