Sneak preview–Planet Comicon exclusives from Elite Comics

Trektacular Reinke Elite Comics exclusive

Planet Comicon 2014 begins tomorrow!

Elite Comics has several awesome exclusives for Planet Comicon, and we’ve got a first look at some of them here at  These will be for sale to attendees of this weekend’s event, March 14-16 at the Kansas City Convention Center at Bartle Hall.  This year’s show will be bigger and better than last year’s giant convention, and Elite Comics will bring even more comics, toys and collectibles to its “Party on the Pillar” booth on the main vendor floor.

Nathen Reinke and Keven Reinke have designed the exclusive, limited edition, signed print for the Trektacular event (above), which will be available at the Elite Comics booth.  It’s a beauty.  You can also purchase individual prints of each  of the Star Trek actors that comprise the limited print who will be attending Planet Comicon, at the Reinke Arts Booth #538, in Artists Alley.  These would be great for collecting actors’ autographs on Celebrity Row.  The Reinkes are well-known nationally for their Topps sketch cards, including rare Star Wars and Lord of the Rings insert cards.


Elite Comics is hosting Darryl “DMC” McDaniels from the hip hop band Run DMC.  You can get your Elite Comics variant of McDaniels’ Issue #0 of DMC at the Con.  Both the Star Trek print and DMC cover feature images of Planet Comicon’s Bartle Hall.

Adidas Dragon Elite exclusive paperweight

And you can “Walk this Way” with a heavy commemorative Adidas Dragon shoe paperweight, part of DMC’s classic ensemble, also in a limited supply at the Elite Comics booth.

Trek Enterprise-D shirt Elite

Along with the Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion assemblage coming to this year’s show, you can also get an Enterprise-D T-shirt featuring the names of all the episodes–combined to make the silhouette of the ship.  We hear there will also be a collectible patch featuring Star Trek.

Elite glass

Finally, to celebrate the first Drink and Draw Friday night after Planet Comicon, you can pick up these skull logo Elite comics glasses, also available at the Elite Comics booth.

Supergirl Elite card    Catwoman Elite card

Jimli Elite card Steinmetz Halo Elite card

And last but not least, pick up your deck of Elite Comics playing cards featuring 54 Kansas City cosplayer images.

Definitely lots of great products to choose from, and more will be available from other vendors and artists during the show.  See you there!

C.J. Bunce

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