Beginning of the end of Warehouse 13 starts tonight

Warehouse 13 crew

The caretakers of the most dangerous (and strangest) artifacts from history, Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering, Artie Nielsen, and Claudia Donovan, return tonight for the fifth season of Warehouse 13, after a seemingly endless eight-month hiatus.  But the return is bittersweet, as the Syfy Channel’s homegrown, weekly, sci-fi extravaganza was signed for only six more episodes, and not renewed for a seventh season.  Petitions and outcry from the show’s many fans didn’t convince the network to keep the artifact hunting going.

So put on your purple gloves, get your Tesla and your Farnsworth, and get ready for the closing of the famous warehouse that revealed the secrets behind Anne Bonny’s cutlass, Catherine O’Leary’s cowbell, D.B. Cooper’s parachute, Frank Lloyd Wright’s pickup sticks, Houdini’s wallet, Pavlov’s bell, Pasteur’s milk bottle, Mata Hari’s stockings, Nero’s lyre, Paul Tibbets’ binoculars, Nixon’s shoes, Robert the Bruce’s tartan, Scott Joplin’s cigarette case, Sitting Bull’s riding blanket, and U.S. Grant’s flask.

Warehouse 13

Fan favorite Eddie McClintock, who fans and celebrities alike raved about at this year’s Planet Comicon (even Jonathan Frakes gave McClintock a shout-out for his charm) is reason enough to catch up on past episodes if you haven’t watched the series.  One big question is what this versatile actor will be doing next.

Here is a preview for Season 5 of Warehouse 13:

Warehouse 13 airs tonight at 8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Eastern on the Syfy Channel.

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