First look–Phew! Better, extended preview for The Flash

Flash to the rescue Flash costume CW series Grant Gustin

This morning we revealed the first teaser here at for CW Network’s Fall TV series, The Flash. The general consensus seemed to be that the preview, first shown on Wednesday night’s season finale of Arrow, and the new Flash costume was underwhelming.

Never fear.

The CW Network just released a full-length trailer for The Flash.  It’s no Arrow, but it has promise.  Seeing Grant Gustin walking down a city street with Jesse L. Martin will have you thinking Law & Order is back.  Tom Cavanaugh appears to have a much bigger role than initially expected.  Danielle Panabaker looks as if she can fill in for the Felicity Smoak energetic friend and Candice Patton’s Iris West looks like she will step in as Barry Allen’s love interest early on in the series.

So check out this first real trailer for CW Network’s The Flash:

Is it possible he’ll get a better suit as the series goes on?

Speedy Flash

One scene is reminiscent of Steve Austin’s first run in The Six Million Dollar Man.  Other scenes look like it’s Peter Parker, not the classic Barry Allen, who is the star character of this series.

Without a doubt it’s going to be a fun Fall series to wait for.

C.J. Bunce

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  1. I am not a great fan of drama series but after watching the trailer of The Flash I amm keen to watch it and no regrets watching it. loved it!

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