Swag alert! Oh, yeah–Marvel releases new Guardians posters

Groot Rocket poster Guardians  Gamora poster Guardians

Ask most fans of big summer movies and they’ll probably tell you there is one summer flick they are waiting for above all others–Guardians of the Galaxy.  The previews released so far (we posted them previously here) have been beyond great, catapulting what might have been a ho-hum movie into at a minimum something we’re all intrigued to check out now.

So Marvel Studios must be thinking “why not share some good swag with fans?”  So we now have a batch of character posters featuring the five Guardians, and each of them looks great, from Zoe Saldana almost unrecognizable as the green and tough daughter of Thanos, Gamora, to our new favorite CGI duo Groot and Rocket.

Star-Lord poster Guardians  Drax poster Guardians

We just can’t wait to see how they create a CGI Thanos (to be voiced by Josh Brolin), and some more images of Karen Gillan’s shaved-head, blue baddie, Nebula.

Guardians full poster  Guardians teaser poster

The long wait is almost over.  Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1, 2014.

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