Archie is dead… long live Archie?

LifeWithArchie_36-0Hughes   LifeWithArchie_36-0Perez

Today Archie Comics finally does the unthinkable.  In its future series Life With Archie, Archie Andrews will die.  But he dies heroically, taking a bullet from a stalker to save the life of fellow Riverdale pal Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the Archie universe.  The freckle-faced kid known for his Happy Days lifestyle as the perpetual teenager–with pal Reggie and on-and-off girlfriend Betty for nearly 75 years in comic books–finally meets his end in Issue #36, the final issue of the series.

His death is accompanied by some of the best homage covers we’ve seen, from the likes of Adam Hughes, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Allred, Ramón Pérez, and Fiona Staples.

LifeWithArchie_36-0FF   LifeWithArchie_36-0FS

After the break check out a preview to Life With Archie Issue #36, and a preview of the ongoing series Archie Comics Digest, where Archie continues on.

Of course Archie will continue to appear in other Archie Comics series, and like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Robin, The Human Torch, Green Arrow, Ant-Man, and every other comic book hero, you never really die in comic books.  It’s been said that only Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben is truly dead.

A publicity stunt?  Sure.  But you must give credit to Archie Comics in recent years, which has so successfully come up with ways to keep Archie and friends relevant and current for today’s audience, while staying true to the original.

Here are the previews and additional variant covers:

LifeWithArchie_36-0MikeAllred Life With Archie 36

LifeWithArchie_36-5 LifeWithArchie_36-6 LifeWithArchie_36-7 LifeWithArchie_36-39 LifeWithArchie_36-40

And the pages from Archie Comics Digest:

ARDD_252-0 ARDD_252-1 ARDD_252-2 ARDD_252-7 ARDD_252-8

Grab your copy of Life With Archie Issue #36 and Archie Comics Digest Issue #252 today at comic book stores everywhere.

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