Comic-Con weekend–Even more Nerd HQ panels

Stephen Amell Nerd HQ 2014

Nerd HQ wrapped this weekend’s panels for charity with some good Q&A sessions.  If you haven’t seen earlier Nerd HQ panels, we at have been covering them since 2011 here when we saw Scott Bakula in San Diego at the inaugural event.  Check out this link for past panels.  We even got immortalized at the beginning of Zachary Levi’s introduction of Bakula as Levi was momentarily startled by a certain Tenctonese alien in the crowd in this video (“Ma’am, do you realize you have no hair on your head?”):

We’re still finding photos on the Web Comic-Con visitors snapping photos of us in that Alien Nation cosplay.

This weekend posted the first days of the panels from this year’s Nerd HQ here and here.  Nerd HQ wrapped with more panels Sunday.  Making his first appearance at Nerd HQ was the man playing one of our favorite characters, Arrow’s Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell:

The Winchester brothers returned again for this Supernatural panel with Mark Sheppard

And one of Jason McClain’s favorite groups was back with The Thrilling Adventure Hour:

Celebrity fanboy and fangirl Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day answered questions from attendees of this panel:

And the guy who started the annual mini-con across from the Big Con, Zachary Levi had his own panel:

We expect even more from next year with Nerd HQ’s fifth year of panels.

C.J. Bunce

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