Previews–Prometheus, Grimm, a Grendel crossover with The Shadow, and Bob’s Burgers

Prometheus_fire_and_stone1   Grendel vs The Shadow Matt Wagner

We have a variety of previews today, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Comics.  New series include a monthly based on the TV series, Bob’s Burgers.  Another features a tie-in to the Alien universe, with Prometheus: Fire and Stone.  A third series based on NBC’s Grimm begins this week with Grimm: Portland, Wu.  And Matt Wagner’s anti-hero Grendel finds his way to 1930s New York in Grendel vs The Shadow.

Tomorrow, Dynamite is publishing the first Bob’s Burgers comic book series.  Based on the animated show, it will be written by Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Justin Hook, and Jeff Drake, with art by Frank Forte, Brad Rader, Bernard Derriman, and Tony Gennaro.  And Grimm: Portland, Wu is a one-shot written by Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey, with art by Daniel Govar.

GrimmPortland-Cover   D.E. Comic Page Template.eps

From Dark Horse, Grendel vs. The Shadow features a story and art by Matt Wagner.  Grendel will find its way to store shelves September 3, 2014.  Also from Dark Horse, Prometheus: Fire and Stone, with a story by Paul Tobin and art by Juan Ferreyra, hits comic book stores September 10, 2014.

Check out the four previews, after the break.

First up, here is the preview to Grimm: Portland, Wu:

Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1

Next, here is the preview to Bob’s Burgers, Issue #1:

BobsBurgers0110 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1

Here is the preview to Grendel vs. The Shadow, Issue #1:

Grendel vs The Shadow preview

And finally, here is the preview to Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Issue #1:

Prometheus Fire and Stone preview Dark Horse 2014

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