Make your own All-Star team with new World Series figures

Billy Butler World Series Oyo KC Royals figure 2014   Buster Posey SF Giants World Series Oyo figure 2014

Thanks to the magic of targeted Internet advertising, these Lego-ish figures streamed across the ad banner of this week and caught our attention.  (You know how we like finding ways to talk about baseball here).  Although they look at first blush like Lego knock-offs, these figures by Oyo Sports are fully licensed by Major League Baseball.  Turns out, according to the Oyo Sports website, they seem to have been inspired by Legos, but attempt to go further by expanding the articulated movement of the standard building block figure.

And you gotta love how they matched up the goatees with the players.

You can buy individual players or team building sets, and not just for the current American League and National League champs.  You can get current players and retired players like Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly, and Bob Feller, or even mascots for pro and college teams, and figures from other sports.  You can buy them on Amazon here.

KC Royals Oyo Gametime set

The playsets for the current World Series teams reminded us of the metal figures some Dungeons & Dragons players use to visualize their role-playing game.  Maybe this could be a new twist on fantasy baseball?

Electric Football

It’s the latest incarnation of sports table top play–remember electric football?

2014 World Series Game 1
Hand me the peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Prices for the Oyo individual figures are typically less than $13 with playsets ranging from less than $20 to just under $60.

World Series 3D experience booth 2014

And if you happen to make it to the World Series this year, keep an eye out for the above booth where you can have your face scanned and order your own custom action figure of yourself, wearing your favorite team’s uniform.  If you want to actually work at the MLB 3D Experience booth?  Check out this job posting here.  Who knows, maybe the job is still available since Game 5 was just locked in tonight.  The booth is run by the same company that was at San Diego Comic-Con this year, seen here:

Play ball!

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