Vandroid–The 1980s movie that never was

Vandroid trade cover

Vandroid is insane at every level.  It’s a movie that never got made.  It left behind a John Carpenter-esque soundtrack (and a really good one).  It’s also an onslaught of some incredible promotional materials, miraculously saved from a fire that burned down the movie studio back in 1984.  Trading cards?  A model kit?  Even temporary tattoos.

Vandroid is the ultimate B-movie action flick from the 1980s.  Or it should have been.  After reading the five-issue limited series re-issued as a trade paperback today from BOOM! Studios and visiting the movie website you may even remember seeing ads for the movie back in the 1980s.  Only you couldn’t have.  Why?  Because none of it is real.

Vandroid trading card sticker

Vandroid is a graphic novel.  It’s a concept about as clever as you get in comic book publishing today.  Let’s create the legend of a movie, a bad production, film footage shot but lost in a fire and subsequent legal battle.  What would have accompanied the film?  How about marketing for an Atari video game?  Slick movie posters?  Got ’em.  What would the video game have looked like?  They’ve mocked up that, too.

vandroid poster

And at the center of the story a humanoid robot who drives a van.  And he possesses the memories of the guy that the technology took over, a washed-up mechanic named Chuck Carducci.  Chuck creates Vandroid after meeting up with his old college roommate from MIT, a guy working on artificial intelligence at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.  Introduce a plutonium-ion battery and some high-octane performance van parts and you could only have… Vandroid.

Vandroid temporary tattoos

He could have been played by Kurt Russell or Steven Segal, but more likely Sam Jones.  He’s a borg on a mission of vengeance and even has his own team of fembots–the Vanettes.  Can this kick-ass borg squad come to Vandroid’s rescue before it’s too late?


It’s one of the most fun reads of the year.  Over-the-top and just plain nuts, it will appeal to the 1980s action flick fan in everyone.

Here’s a quick preview from Dark Horse Comics:

vandr1p5 vandr1p1

Vandroid, the trade paperback, is available at comic book stores everywhere today, and here at

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