Be prepared to get bombarded: Star Wars cover variants in January like never before

SWIsh 1 E Midtown Comics by Mark Brooks    SWIsh 1 P Comixposure by John Tyler Christopher

It hasn’t been released yet, and it is already the #1 best selling comic of 2015.  Forecasted with advance sale numbers at more than one million copies already, Marvel Comics is re-entering the world of Star Wars comics like it’s 1977 all over again.  Written by our friend Jason Aaron with artwork by John Cassaday and colorist Laura Martin, the story continues the adventures of Luke Skywalker after the end of the original Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. 

Marvel Comics is pulling out all the stops with the variety of cover variants readers can choose from.  Most comic book stores will get one of a half dozen basic covers, but those who dig around on the Web will find plenty more available.  More than 30 basic full-color covers will be released in January 2015, plus black and white versions and sketch variants of many of those covers.  And that’s not all, several collectible comic book websites will be releasing signature editions signed by everyone up to Stan Lee, and sketch covers by several artists including Dynamite Comics’ Chris Caniano.  And you can get a logo-only cover to take to your next Con and commission an artist of your choice to sketch you a character.


Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Mike Mayhew, Frank Cho, David Petersen, Jenny Frison, Stephanie Han, Amanda Connor, Alex Maleev… everyone but Dave Dorman seems to have been pulled into this project.  Click on each image to see the artist and whether the book is only available at a special store.  A few variant images have not yet been released.

SWIsh 1 Y Heroes Haven by Mike Perkins      SWIsh1 R Heroes and Fantasies Daniel Acuna

So check out even more great covers to Marvel’s Star Wars, Issue #1, after the break:

SWIsh 1 X Discount Comics by Alex Maleev    SWIsh 1 W Rebel Base Comics by Stephanie Han

SWIsh 1 V Emerald City by Alan Davis    SWIsh 1 U AOD David Keown cover

SWIsh 1 T Buy Me Toys by Jenny Frison    SWIsh1 K by Bob McLeod

SWIsh 1 Q Warp 9 Comics Alex Maleev    SWIsh 1 J Forbidden Planet Adi Granov

SWIsh 1 O Vault Collectibles Amanda Conner    SWIsh 1 N photo cover

SWIsh 1 I John Cassaday   SWIsh 1 S Newbury Comics by David Petersen

SWIsh 1 H action figure package variant   SWIsh1 G John Cassaday

SWIsh1 F Alex Ross cover    SWIsh 1 C Launch party variant by John Tyler Christopher

SWIsh 1 M Limited Edition Comix by Reg Deodato  SWIsh 1 L Fantastico shop variant by Mauricio Munoz

SWIsh1 A Zapp! by Mike Mayhew    SWIsh1 D Dynamic Forces by Greg Land

Star-Wars-1-Hasbro-PX-Variant-f8492   SWIsh 1 Z Sara Pichelli variant

Star_Wars_1_Variant_Cover Joe Quesada

Look for Star Wars, Issue #1 in comic book stores everywhere next month!

C.J. Bunce

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