Planet Comicon gearing up to be a big, BIG show in March 2015

Westley The Princess Bride Cary Elwes

Oliver Queen, Supergirl, Firestorm, Captain Jack Harkness, Amy Pond, and Princess Buttercup’s Westley all set to appear

For more than a decade Planet Comicon has been one of the Midwest’s biggest comic book and pop culture conventions and that was no less so in 2014 when it became the largest attended event in the history of the Kansas City Convention Center.  Last year’s show featured William Shatner and the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and this year Planet Comicon is bringing in some of today’s biggest names from TV and movies featuring fan-favorite superheroes.

Stephen Amell Oliver Queen

The star of the CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell will be attending the event along with cousin Robbie, who starred in Tomorrow People and is the new Firestorm on the CW’s The Flash.  Genre mega-star John Barrowman, Doctor Who and Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness, will also headline the Con this year.  Barrowman played Arrow’s key villain from seasons 1 and 2, the Dark Archer.

Amy Pond

Most famous for playing the Doctor Who companion Amelia Pond opposite Matt Smith, Karen Gillan will make a rare convention appearance this year in Kansas City.  Gillan starred most recently in 2014’s blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula. Also appearing from Guardians of the Galaxy is Michael Rooker, who played the blue-faced mentor to Star-Lord, Yondu, along with Sean Gunn, who was the physical on-set actor as Rocket.

Guardians Michael Rooker

Rooker appeared on The Walking Dead, and also appearing from that series will be Scott Wilson, known to fans for his role as Hershel Greene.  Wilson has starred in plenty of TV shows and movies, including The X-Files, CSI, The Last Samurai, The Twilight Zone, and the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth.

“As you wish”–star of one of the greatest fantasy films of all time, The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon for the first time.  Elwes has also guest starred on several TV series, including The X-Files, Leverage, and Psych.

Adam-12 lunchbox

From classic TV, star of one of the greatest police shows of all time, Adam-12’s Kent McCord will make his first appearance at Planet Comicon.

Following last year’s appearance of Zoie Palmer at Planet Comicon, three other stars of the Syfy Channel’s Canadian production Lost Girl will appear this year:  Rachel Skarsten, who plays the Valkyrie Tamsin (and starred as Dinah Lance on Birds of Prey), Kris Holden-Ried, who plays Dyson (and starred in The Tudors and Underworld: Awakening), and Emmanuelle Vaugier, who plays The Morrigan (and had roles on Charmed, Smallville, and Veronica Mars).

Dylan and Tamsin Lost Girl

Another former star of Smallville as Kara/Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort is scheduled to attend the Con, along with Star Trek Voyager’s Raphael Sbarge, Defiance star Grant Bowler, and Being Human’s Sam Witwer–there’s something for every TV and movie fanboy and fangirl at this year’s show, with even more guests to be announced.

Check out the Planet Comicon link on the home page of year-round for updates.  Come back soon and we’ll run down the slate of comic book and other creator guests coming to Planet Comicon 2015, including the return of our all-time favorite writer/artist Howard Chaykin!  Planet Comicon is March 13, 14, and 15 in downtown Kansas City at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Editor Update:  Check the Planet Comicon website for cancellations, including John Barrowman and Grant Bowler.

C.J. Bunce

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