Third annual Planet Comicon at Bartle Hall begins today

Planet Comicon banner 2015

The biggest pop culture and comic book convention ever in the region begins today.  It’s the third annual Planet Comicon to be held in its new venue–the Kansas City Convention Center at Bartle Hall.  This year is even bigger than last year’s show, with more vendor space and more creators in Artists Alley.  Set-up began yesterday morning and continued until late last night.

We discussed some of the media guests previously here at  You can get a current line-up at the Con’s website here.

Don’t know where to begin?  Start here, with this short list creators and attractions to check out:

  • Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations, Booth 812
  • Elite Comics, Booth 2214 at the Pillar
  • Kansas City Costume Company, Booth 928
  • Wildman Drinking Horns, Booth 1017
  • Writer Jason Aaron, Booth 153
  • Artist Rob Davis, Booth 1036
  • Author Kevin Dilmore, Booth 323
  • Artist Bryan Fyffe, Booth 2740
  • Artist Greg Horn, Booth 2730
  • Writer/Artist Phil Hester, Booth 536
  • Artist Damont Jordan, Booth 2739
  • Artist Ant Lucia, Booth 2745
  • Writer Jai Nitz, Booth 540
  • Artist Phil Noto, on the wall past Booth 2745
  • Writer/Artist Ande Parks, Booth 538
  • Writer Seth Peck, Booth 139
  • Artists Nathen and Keven Reinke, Booth 1436
  • Artist Greg Smallwood, Booth 542
  • Author Dayton Ward, Booth 323
  • Artist Freddie Williams II, Booth 2776
  • Artist Darryl Woods, Cosplay Showcase

And don’t miss these media guests:

  • Actor Stephen Amell, Booth 2528 (Arrow)
  • Actor Cary Elwes, Booth 2536 (Princess Bride)
  • Actress Karen Gillan, Booth 2508 (Doctor Who)
  • Actor Kent McCord, Booth 2535 (Adam-12)
  • Actor Mitch Pileggi, Booth 2527 (The X-Files)
  • Actor Michael Rooker, Booth 2516 (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Actor Garrett Wang, Booth 2517 (Star Trek Voyager)

Download the entire Program Guide here.

Planet Comicon runs through Sunday, March 15, 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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