30 days of Halloween to culminate with Carpenter’s original classic in theaters

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Halloween–the 1978 movie that put both director John Carpenter and actress Jamie Lee Curtis on the map–is coming back to theaters for one night only.  The film was created for only $300,000 and premiered at Kansas City’s downtown Midland Theater 37 years ago this month and then spread by word of mouth across the country to earn $70 million and become the first modern horror blockbuster.  To illustrate the low budget, Nick Castle, the actor that played the story’s villain, Michael Myers, wore a last-minute found $2 William Shatner/Captain Kirk mask.  Now Halloween is Fathom Events’ next big Halloween event.

More than 200 theaters will air Halloween on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve (that’s the night before Halloween).  The movie, co-written by the late, great Debra Hill, will include an introduction recorded by John Carpenter.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween

If you make it to the screening, keep an eye out for an already well-known young actress back in 1978 named Kyle Richards, who had been a household name for her recurring role on Little House on the Prairie and the Disney film Escape to Witch Mountain, and would go on to co-star in the great ghost story Watcher in the Woods.

And Michael Myers actor Nick Castle is the same Nick Castle whose named appeared in later Carpenter films and would serve as director of The Last Starfighter seven years after Halloween.

Fathom Events showing of John Carpenter’s Halloween airs 7:30 p.m. local time, October 29, 2015.  Check out the Fathom Events website here for tickets and locations.  (Kansas City’s Midland Theater, now a live-show theater, is not on the list).

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