Funko adds Rocky Horror to ReAction figure line-up

5013_RHPS_Dr__FrankNFurter_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024    5018_RHPS_JanetWeiss_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024

Right when we weren’t paying attention, Funko added another property to its ReAction Kenner-style retro action figure line-up.  You never know what license Funko will be after next and we couldn’t have predicted The Rocky Horror Picture Show would be in the mix.  Yet here they are.

5014_RHPS_RiffRaff_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024     5015_RHPS_Magenta_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024

Six new figures, including Tim Curry’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Susan Sarandon’s Janet, and Barry Bostwick’s Brad.  Sorry–no Meatloaf, yet.

5016_RHPS_Columbia_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024     5017_RHPS_BradMajors_Reaction_GLAM_1024x1024

So grab your toast and get ready for the quote-a-long.  Click on the above images to order your own figures, available from Entertainment Earth.

C.J. Bunce

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