In memoriam–Penny Juday


This weekend we lost our friend Penny Juday.  She died after a long battle with cancer.  Penny was a friend to everyone in the Star Trek community.  She was well known for her work in the art department on many Star Trek series and movies and knew more about Star Trek props than anyone–she was a font of Trek information and lore.  She also was a friend to all animals, rescuing many, and donating countless dollars and hours to helping out furry friends.  She created many opportunities for her friends to donate to charities she worked with.

Penny was a tremendously fun person to talk TV and movies with–always full of great stories and tales of run-ins with celebrities and Hollywood legends.  Please take a look at this interview we did for a few years ago for a glimpse of what she was like.  Many didn’t know she was a U.S. Navy veteran, and had worked on The Hunt for Red October and Alien Resurrection.

I lost three of my dogs this year, Gracie, LadyGirl, and Tessa.  Penny and I had discussed Gracie’s cancer when Penny was nursing a nest of downed robins back to health, and frequently shared stories of raising our elder kids.  I am comforted that a good soul like Penny is up there with them and can imagine she is surrounded by the countless furry kids she raised.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her husband Anthony and the rest of her family.  She will be missed.

C.J. Bunce

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