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What you might be surprised to find in Titan Books’ new hardcover book Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Art of the Film, is how much the book is a book of ideas.  Inasmuch as many of the ideas made it to the screen, so many didn’t, as revealed in dozens of pages of concept art.  It’s what most “Art of the Film” books are about, but because of the polarizing effect the movie has had on fans of the characters it is also helpful in seeing what the director and writers were going for–what they were trying to convey on the screen.

Although the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual, reviewed last week here at, has more cross-appeal beyond fans of Batman and Superman, this coffee table style book is more for fans who loved the film, those wanting to understand it better, and those looking for an archive of Batman designs for reference.  Fans who like the movie and want a “souvenir book” will appreciate the close-ups of the supersuits and vehicles from the film, the colorful page layouts, and the roughly chronological plot points that re-tell the story from a creator’s standpoint, from idea to final rendering on the screen.

Batman_v_Superman_Dawn_of_Justice_The_Art_of_the_Film excerpt A

Actors including Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, and Jesse Eisenberg, explain the motivations behind their characters.  Commentary surrounding images are provided from director Zack Snyder, the film’s production designer, art director, hair stylist, concept artists, director of photography, and costume designer, but most of the explanations for ideas behind the concepts come from producers including Deborah Snyder, and production designer Patrick Tatopoulos.

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Whether your want to delve further into scenes the creators left behind or may have otherwise decided to film but were left on the cutting room floor, or you’re simply wondering “what were they thinking?” you will find some answers here.

The bulk of the book, compiled by Los Angeles writer Peter Aperlo, is about Batman and his toys since so much concept art was created for that part of the film.  You won’t find much on the rest of the Justice Leaguers except a few pages on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.  And only a few pages refer to Doomsday, a key plot character that one would think should have plenty of creation process to reveal in a book like this.

Bvs 500 version

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Art of the Film is available here at  Two high-end boxed editions of this book sold out instantly during a pre-sale period: one featuring autographs of the star actors in a limited run of 150 copies at $500 per book, and another with Zack Snyder’s autograph limited to 200 copies and selling for $100.  Diehards should keep an eye out on eBay for aftermarket sales if you’re after these exclusive editions.

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